11 Beauty Hacks – Make-up & Nails

Life hacks are somethings that I think at least everyone should know about. Whether you’re lazy, strained for time or just, you just need a shortcut, hacks are pretty much the way to go. Beauty hacks are the same and just as beneficial. A good and simply everyday make-up routine on my end lasts around... Continue Reading →


Third Quarter Favourites

Hello Beauties and welcome to another week! This week I share with you my Third Quarter Favourites and man are they seasonally influenced! I must admit that I have not been purchasing and trying out as many new products as I could have. Simple, short reason? Life and school has simply become so hectic and... Continue Reading →

What’s in my handbag?

A woman’s handbag is sacred in my opinion. All of these nitty gritty items have the power to tell you so much about that particular person. The weight of your handbag, each to their own. You could be like my mother; her bag contains just about anything my family would need or the latter. One... Continue Reading →

6 things that make me happy?

Taking a seat in front of my note book with a pen in head, I thought about this week’s post thoroughly.Happiness.Happiness is something that we seem to take for granted. Busy, busy, busy people we are. I myself find that I can get so wrapped up in what I’m doing or planning that I seem... Continue Reading →


Hello Spring and goodbye Winter! What I love about spring is that it simply brings out the more fun and brighter side in just about everything. Sunnier days bring about the epic car-karaoke sessions - which I am sure I have already got a head start on, the occasional sun dress and the more daring... Continue Reading →

How to: become a morning person

Welcome to yet another lovely week beauties! A fresh start and a new week of possibilities and opportunities. This week's post is more on the how to, lifestyle side of the blog-sphere. Are you an early riser, peppy and cheery person at seven-thirty a.m? You lucky, lucky mundane. I am pretty sure waking up on... Continue Reading →

Product Empties: Buy or Bye?

A product empties series is one that I have been dying to do so from the get go, I started collecting empties that I loved and some that I don’t quite think I’ll be purchasing again. It all comes down to Buy or bye. The first post of the series has a little less to... Continue Reading →

Mascara Monday!

Welcome beauties to a new, lovely and fresh week everyone! Can I just say that last weekend I came to the realization that we are a shy four months away from 2018? It was extremely mind blowing to me merely because next year will be my final year and then well, I graduate. It is... Continue Reading →

Acrylic Nailology

Acrylics nails have been my go-to since around the age of 17. Three years later and I think I have had every shape and colour done. Acrylics are a favourite of mine mainly because naturally, I have weak nails that tend to break off once they have grown out. Then comes the groves on my... Continue Reading →

FIVE ways to save money at Uni

Being a second year university student, I can pretty much tell you that everything leading up to this degree is no cup of tea. There have been a few rewarding moments like meeting numerous people and getting to see my hard work pay off in the form of a percentage. I can assure you that... Continue Reading →

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