50+ Beauty & Lifestyle Blog Ideas

A happy and wonderful NEW YEAR to all of you reading this!


As we begin the new year I thought why not compile a list of beauty and lifestyle blog ideas. This is the kind of post that could come in handy when you’re stuck in a runt or if you’re planning on starting a blog.

Honestly, the sky is the limit you can blog about anything and everything. Your blog is a personal extension of you so go for it!

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has read a simple word on this blog or watch a single second of my YouTube videos. I cannot tell you how much your support and feedback means to me.

Without further ado!

  1. Review products
  2. Review a film
  3. Review a book
  4. Review a dish from a restaurant
  5. Review a service
  6. Seasonal Favourites (Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter)
  7. Monthly Favourites
  8. One brand favourites
  9. Bucket List
  10. Reverse Bucket List (memorable things that you have done)
  11. Haul
  12. Anti-haul (products you will not be buying)
  13. Tips and hacks
  14. Beauty Wishlist
  15. Favourite beauty tools
  16. Closet Essentials
  17. Look book
  18. Outfit of the day
  19. Handbag essentials
  20. Makeup Storage/Collection
  21. What’s in my handbag?
  22. What’s on my desk?
  23. Blogging tools
  24. Blogging for beginner (tips & tricks)
  25. Why become a blogger?
  26. What’s in my makeup bag?
  27. Empty out someone else’s makeup bag
  28. Blog about your pets
  29. Lessons you’ve learnt
  30. Interview someone
  31. Gift Guide
  32. Travel Essentials
  33. Travel Tips & Hacks
  34. 10 facts about you
  35. Q&A
  36. Your typical day in 10 photos
  37. One brand favourites
  38. Drugstore/High-end picks
  39. Product Empties
  40. Blog about your pets
  41. Top 5 things to do in your city
  42. Favourite Online Stores
  43. Favourite Bloggers
  44. Favourite books
  45. Favourite Youtubers
  46. Favourite social media accounts
  47. Shoe/Heel/Sneaker Collection
  48. How to/DIY
  49. Skincare Routine
  50. Nail polishes/ Nail Care
  51. Lessons you’ve learnt in high school/university
  52. How to save money as a student
  53. List of things that make you happy
  54. Favourite local stores/brands (make-up, clothing, home décor, etc.)
  55. Morning Routine
  56. Evening Routine
  57. Everyday Make-up Routine
  58. Break down your everyday make-up routine (how much does it cost)
  59. List of things that you must have in your daily routine
  60. The ABC’s of make-up, blogging, photography, etc.
  61. Favourite drink’s recipe
  62. Favourite dessert + recipe
  63. Favourite meal + recipe
  64. Top 10 films/series to watch
  65. 10 things to do before the age of …..
  66. Decorating 101 (Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
  67. Make-up/closet declutter
  68. Review a dish from a restaurant
  69. Review a service
  70. 5 things every teenager should know
  71. Write a letter to your younger self
  72. Share an experience, good and/or bad

Here’s to a wonderful year!





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